Hi, im Brittney I'm a fan of pretty much everything. ,Josh Hutcherson, Harry Potter, Degrassi, WWE, Justin Bieber, Meet and greets, concerts, and Music are my life. Dylan Everett is my celeb crush. Did I mention I have a huge crush on Dean Ambrose and  Cody Rhodes from WWE too? I met Rupert Grint in the summer of 07. I met Greyson chance on 9-20-11. I met Cody simpson on 8/7/11 n 11/10/12. I went to their waiting4utour concert on 4-23-11.I went to Cody simpson's Paradise tour on 7/20/13. I met vinny , bianca, alessandra castronovo, and Nick Mara on 3-24-12. I met Vinny and Alessandra again on 3-23-13. I met Stefanie Scott on 3/31/12. I met Debby ryan on 4/1/12/. I met Pauly D on 7/30/12 and on 7/31/12. I met Dylan Riley Snyder and Olivia Holt on 8/18/12. I met Dylan Snyder again on 9/5.14  I met Billy Unger on 7/2/13. I met David Cook on 11/5/13. I went to Jingle Ball on 12-14-13. My twitter is; GreysonsSweetie ...Love me? Good. Hate me? Even better. xoxo  

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    I owe J-14 my life.
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    Just bc I want stori to freak out lol
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    Saw him in concert last night. It was AMAZING.
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